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This install takes 15 - 30 minutes. This is an easy install but requires a little elbow grease.
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Step 1: Getting the required items together

This install requires:
  • UUC E-Brake handle
  • Zip Tie (included with the UUC E-Brake handle)
  • Wire Cutters
  • 2.5mm Allen Wrench
  • A BMW M3 (E46).
  • 15 - 30 minutes of free time.

UUC E-Brake and Rob Knob III

Step 2: Release the stock e-brake leather boot

  • Put the e-brake in the engaged position (pull it up).
  • Grab the back of the boot and pull it upwards (see image).
  • Make sure the boot is loose at the top and bottom.

Pulling up the boot

Step 3: Remove the e-brake boot

  • Pull the boot toward the dashboard, reversing it in the process.
  • Once the boot is completely reversed, you will be able to see a zip tie which secures it to the e-brake handle.
  • Using your wire cutters, snip the zip tie (make sure not to cut the leather) (see image).
  • Once the zip tie is cut, pull the boot completely off the e-brake.

Boot pulled inside out

Zip Tie that needs to be cut

Step 4: Remove the stock e-brake handle

  • There are two ways to do this:
    • The easy way - use a sharp blade (like a utility knife) to cut the stock handle off.
    • The hard way - rotate the stock handle side to side while pulling it forward. This is a royal pain in the ass and takes some elbow grease and a bit of swearing but it does leave the stock handle intact.

Removed stock e-brake handle

Step 5: Installing the new e-brake handle

  • Make sure the bolt in the bottom of the new e-brake handle is not protruding past the nylon bushing inside the handle - if it does, use a 2.5mm allen wrench to back it off a bit.
  • Slide the new e-brake handle on to the e-brake.
  • Line it up both side to side and fore and aft (make sure you slide the handle on far enough to engage the e-brake button). This does not have to be exact at this time - you will be able to fine tune later.

Install the new handle

Step 6: Re-Installing the boot

  • Keep the boot inside out.
  • Slide the boot back on with the taller part fo the boot frame toward the top.
  • Stop once the front edge gets to the end of the nylon bushing at the end of the e-brake handle.

Boot in correct location

Step 7: Zip Tie the boot in place

  • Make sure the boot is fairly well aligned (top to bottom).
  • Line up the edge of the boot with the end of the nylon bushing at the end of the ebrake handle.
  • Place a zip tie around the end of the boot so that when you snug it up it will push the shift boot into the recess in the e-brake bushing.
  • Try to leave the clamp part of the zip tie at the bottom of the assembly and tighten the zip tie gently.
  • Make sure the zip tie and boot are where they should be and tighten the zip tie as tightly as you can by hand.

Zip Tie on

Step 8: Finishing up

  • Use your wire cutters to snip off the excess part of the zip tie as close as you can to the zip tie clamp.
  • Pull the boot back - turning it right side out in the process.
  • Snap the lower part of the boot frame in first.
  • Snap the top part of the boot frame in.
  • Make sure that the stitching is straight on the boot from the e-brake to the back and that the e-brake handle itself is aligned as you want it and that the button protrudes enough to allow for easy disengagement of the e-brake.
  • Use your 2.5mm allen wrench to tighten the e-brake handle down.

Finished - Pretty!

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