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Important Note Regarding the BMW Individual Program (courtesy of StoneWalk, the sage of RoadFly M3 Board):

"After much complaining, and the help of a couple of board members (no less), there is now a somewhat reliable process to get special order paint, and interiors on the cars. $2k for paint - pretty much anything in the BMW inventory. $3.8k for interior - again most leathers and probably even alcantara can be accessed this way. You need a dealer who's willing to do the extra effort to make it happen, you get an alloc, spec it with something normal, and then get on the phone or the fax to "the port" aka BMWNA in NJ and tell them what you really want on that car. BMWNA staff overrides the color or interior on your car in their order system (can't be typed in at the dealer), and also clears it with BMWAG. BMWAG usually says yes - it's getting BMWNA on board which is usually the hurdle. This also delays building the car by a few weeks since they don't do special paint all the time, and there may be some issues with pre-painted parts inventory like mirrors and such.
For more exotic things (BMW Individual has _tons_ of possibilities), you'd need to figure out which dealer has usually close ties into BMWNA, and then get unusually tight with that dealer so that he uses his "access" to the right people to get you a custom car. Yes, this even sometimes involves favors, bribery, and other means of pressure. I believe fine aged wine has met with some success in the past.
If you were really serious about getting a highly customized BMW Individual car, I'd suggest as a starting point finding some existing examples, and learning where they came from - this might point to the right dealers and people to talk to."

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