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This install takes 30 minutes to an hour and requires a little bit of patience. If you can drill a hole you can do this one
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Step 1: Getting the required items together

This install requires:
  • 1 UUC Aluminum Pedal Kit (2 or 3 depending on if you have a 6 speed or SMG car)
  • Electric Drill & 1/8" drill bit
  • 2.5 mm Allen Wrench
  • Long Nose Pliers
  • A BMW M3 (E46).
  • 30 minutes to an hour of free time.

UUC Aluminum Pedals installed

Step 2: Remove factory rubber pedal covers

  • BMW installs rubber pedal covers on the clutch and brake pedals.
  • Remove these by simply reaching behind the pedal and pulling off the rubber pads.
  • The gas pedal do not have a rubber cover.

Step 3: Marking holes for new brake and clutch pedal covers

  • Note: The clutch pedal is plastic while the brake pedal is steel (making it a much greater pain to drill).
  • Line up one of the new pedal covers on your clutch pedal.
  • Using an electric drill with 1/8" bit mark the 4 holes through the pedal cover. Make sure you have the pedal cover lined up as you want it to look once bolted down. If you drill these holes incorrectly your pedal cover will be crooked and will make you look kind of stupid.
  • Don't drill all the way through - just leave light marks that you will be able to use later.
  • Using the same principle repeat for the brake pedal. The brake pedal is steel and ridged. Luckily, the 4 holes in the UUC pedal cover will line up with the bottom of the grooves in the pedal. Make sure that you mark the holes in such a way that the hole will go through the bottom of the groove in the brake pedal - otherwise you will have a hell of a time drilling through the pedal.

Step 4: Drilling the holes

  • Remove the covers and drill through the marks you made in the previous step.
  • When drilling the brake pedal do not press too hard on the drill. Let the bit do the work - trying to muscle the drill will only make for more work or a badly drilled hole.

Step 5: Drilling the gas pedal holes

  • Though many say to remove the gas pedal for this install, I feel that this is hardly necessary.
  • Simply line up the gas pedal cover in the same way as you did the clutch and brake pedals and mark and then drill the holes.

Step 6: Installing the new pedal covers

  • Start with the clutch and line up the pedal cover with the holes you drilled in the clutch pedal.
  • Insert the provided allen bolts through the pedal cover and pedal.
  • Place the provided washers on the bolts followed by the provided nuts.
  • Use your 2.5mm allen wrench to tighten the bolts - you may need to use your pliers keep the nuts from rotating while you tighten the bolts.
  • Repeat for the brake and gas pedals.

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