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This install takes 20 - 30 minutes.
Click on the images for larger views.

Step 1: Getting the required items together

This install requires:
  • 1 Wheel Skins Shift Boot
  • Zip Tie
  • What ever tools may be required to remove your shift knob
  • A BMW M3 (E46).
  • 20 - 30 minutes of free time.

Wheel Skins Shift Boot

Step 2: Remove shift boot

  • Carefully pull up the driver's side forward corner of the shift boot (see image).
  • Once you have the corner released, work the rest of the way around the boot to release it completely

Removing the Shift Boot

Step 3: If your knob is lluminated

  • Disconnect the power lead to your knob.

Step 4: Remove the knob

  • If you have a stock knob - pull up sharply on the knob to release it from the shifter.
  • If you have an aftermarket knob, you will probably have one or more screws securing it to the shifter - losen these as necessary.

Shifter: Knob & Boot Removed

Step 5: Removing the stock boot from the frame

  • Once you have the boot free, you will have to peal the leather away from the frame.
  • Start at a corner and carefully peal the leather away from the shift boot frame (see images).

Pealing Up the Boot

Boot Frame

Step 6: Installing the new boot on the frame

  • Start at one of the narrower sides of the frame.
  • Line up the seams of the boot in the center of the narrower sides on the frame
  • Stretch the boot on to the frame
  • Inspect the boot to make sure that the leather is lined up with the bottom of the frame all the way around.

New Boot on Frame

Step 7: Installing the boot back into the car

  • Run the shifter through the hole at the top of the boot.
  • Line up and snap the frame back inot the center console.
  • Install your knob (if installing UUC RKIII see this DIY)
  • Enjoy!

All Done!
shown with UUC RKIII

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