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Manufactured By: StopTech
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Application: E46 M3

I guess a good place to start talking about installing stainless steel brake lines is to take a look at what it is they are supposed to do as opposed to OEM rubber lines.

The simple answer is that rubber expands under pressure and braided steel lines do not - so what? Well, since rubber expands part of the pressure and fluid going into the brake system is being used to expand the lines rather than to close the caliper and squeeze the pads into the rotors. As heat builds up in the brake system (especially under heavy use) rubber becomes softer and expands even further. So the more you are using your brakes and the more you are relaying on them to provide feed back and feel the more fluid is being "wasted" expanding the lanes rather than stopping the car. I guess you could say that this is less than ideal.

Braided steel lines, commonly referred to as Stainless Steel lines, do not expand due to their metal jackets and retain consistent feel through out the operating temperature range which in turn provides consistent brake feel. Also because there is less piping in the system that expands under pressure in the system pedal feel is improved. The pedal is firmer and more direct with steel lines in place than with rubber OEM lines.

The StopTech lines in question work as well as most other steel lines and they are DOT approved. The ends of the lines are reinforced and flexible helping avoid a scenario common with older style lines which had a bad habit of breaking at union between the lines and fittings. The workmanship is just what you would expect from StopTech - excellent. The lines come with everything necessary for installation (Front Brake Line Installation, Rear Brake Line Installation) even including a wire tie to help secure the front line grommet and nifty little rubber caps to cap off the main lines during the install.

After the install and a good bleed with ATE Super Blue Racing the pedal is excellent and feel stays consistent even under very heavy use. Overall this is not something that will give you a religious experience but if you're into great brake feel these do not disappoint.

Hope this has been at least somewhat helpful…

P.S. I got these from Zeckhausen Racing - I would strongly recommend Dave and his company - the man simply knows brakes, period!

StopTech Front SS Lines

StopTech Rear SS Lines

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