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Manufactured by: UUC Motorwerks
Website: www.uucmotorwerks.com
Application: E46 M3 and most other BMW's - Direct Replacement

Like the "race car" look of aluminum interior controls? Don't like the curved under design of the stock shift or it's cheap plastic feel and constant creaking of the back plate? Solution: Replace it with an aftermarket Al knob. In my case I went with the UUC Motorwerks Rob Knob III. This Al knob is smaller in circumference than traditional aftermarket ball style knobs (but still a little larger than stock). Also, unlike most aftermarket knobs this one has an illuminated shift pattern and logo (something I would sorely miss if I went with a non-illuminated version - cheesy little feature but its just so damn cool!).

The UUC RKIII comes with a power converter module and a set of vampire clips. The finish is an attractive and very well executed brushed aluminum. The finish on the knob is far better than the finish on the matching e-brake handle. There are no apparent tooling marks or inconsistencies in finish. The knob has an insulating nylon sleeve and a single set screw retention system. The RKIII is about 5 ounces heavier than the stock knob it replaces. And appears to be about 1/4" shorter than the stock version.

Keep in mind that to install this (or any other aftermarket) knob you will have to either cut the stock shift boot or get a new boot intended for use without an integrated knob. I chose to purchase a WheelSkins shift boot for use in my installation - another excellent product. The install itself is very simple.

My car has a UUC SSK so knob height is adjustable and the driving impressions that follow apply to the RKIII when used with the UUC SSK.

I set up the knob to be a little lower than the stock shifter/knob combo. My best guess is that it is between 1/2 & 3/4" lower than stock. Because the knob is symmetrical it feels like it is further back than the stock knob (which angles forward). I find this, along with lower height, to be an improvement in shifter/knob positioning. Also, the round top lends to a proper hold on the knob (hand on top and not grabbing like a joystick). The weight of the knob DOES make a difference in the way the shifter feels. It does not seem to take any more force to initiate the shift but it feels like it goes into gear easier (due the increased inertia the extra weight creates). With the heavier knob the UUC SSK feels even more buttery and smooth. There are no noises or rattles from this knob.

My only complaint is that the damn thing gets very cold when it's chilly out. This is both a problem and a mixed blessing. The cold knob keeps your hand off the knob when not shifting and keeps you from trying to grab it for dear life when executing a shift. I have not had a chance to drive with it when the weather was hot - but I assume a reversed effect. This is not really a complaint against the RKIII in particular but against all Al knobs and e-brake handles.

The illumination works well and matches the rest of the car in brightness, though the orange of the knob seems to be a little lighter and whiter than the rest of the car. The illumination lights up both the shift pattern and the UUC Motorwerks logo. All in all its pretty tasteful day or night.

Overall, this is an excellent product that compliments the vehicle rather well and looks even better when combined with UUC al pedals and e-brake. Add in the slight improvement in shifting it seems to promote and we have a winner!

Hope this has been at least somewhat helpful…


Rob Knob III w/WheelSkins Boot

Rob Knob III at Night

UUC Pedals, RKIII & E-Brake

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