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Like a moth to porch lights, Bimmer owners seem to be drawn to the cool white hue of Xenon and Xenon style lights. We pay outrageous amounts for the Xenon headlight option, obsess endlessly about which fog lights match best to the Xenon main lights and even bother to play around with Xenon headlight bulbs to get that "just right" color. Call us nuts (I know I am).

So now that we've installed the closest match we could find for fog lights and even tried and tossed in the garbage Platinum Visions for that all white look why should we stop at the exterior?

Again enter the hit or miss folks at Bimmian this time with their "Xenon" interior light kit. The kit contains all of the bulbs required to swap out the factory foot well, overhead, and rear pillar lights. Of course these are not real Xenon lights but the blue coating on the exterior allows them emit cold, white light, simulating a real Xenon bulb. The kit comes with 2 types of bulbs to replace 3 different size bulbs found in the car (not as bad as it sounds).

Of course things do not fit just right but the install is very simple and some bending gets the miss-sized Bimmian bulbs to fit.

Once complete the results are pleasant. On my gray leather the cold white glow from the bulbs look better than stock (that is in my not so humble opinion). I do believe that the Bimmian bulbs are not as bright as stock but its is rather hard to really compare and I have not found the new bulbs lacking when its dark out.

Over all, this is not a bad mod. Take a look at the photos for differences between stock and Bimmian "Xenon" bulbs. Granted the price of $50 for these is absurd but then again so are the prices on a majority of items made to work in anything with those 3 magic letters on the hood.

Hope this has been at least somewhat helpful…

"Xenon" Bulb Set

Passenger Foot Well

Driver's Foot Well

Rear Pillar Lights

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